Each year we should take a few extra minutes out of our day to either call or send flowers and wish our mom's a happy mother's day.  Let's face it, without them we wouldn't be here (yes, I realize that dad was a big part of us being here, too). Until I became a mother, I honestly didn't have a clue as to what it took to be so giving. Since I have become a mom, my life has been enriched tenfold. Both my kids are growing into very fine young adults and I am super proud of both of them. Their personalities are such a mix of their dad Brett and me.

As usual, my family didn't disappoint on Mother's Day. Bailey and Brett got me flowers, a necklace, a coffee mug and balloons, and my son Triston and his fiance Kalee got me a coffee mug too (smartasses). And thank you, Kalee, for the iced coffee.

Karen Gallagher - Townsquare Media Billings

I guess they all know that I love coffee. I consider myself so lucky because not only do I have a loving family of my own but my mom is still with us and I can talk to her about motherhood.

I have always admired my mom Carol for doing what she did for us as we were growing up.  My mom is the mother of eleven children (all of which she gave birth to) six girls; (Julie, Angie (not pictured - this was taken at her memorial service), Jeanne, Cathy, Me and Jackie) and five boys. (Bob, Terry, Jim, Danny (not pictured) and the baby of the family Michael)

Karen Gallagher - Townsquare Media Billings

Growing up we may not have been the financially richest family in town, but were the richest by far because of our mom's love, compassion and support for all of us. My mom will be 82 next month and I admire her as much today as I did when I was a young girl. I love you mom and can't thank you enough for giving me unconditional love and support, and for helping me grow into the woman and mother I am today.