Local social media pages were buzzing a couple of weeks ago when rumors began circulating that HuHot Mongolian Grill is preparing to reopen their Billings location. The popular, all-you-can-eat Asian restaurant has been closed since early last spring when COVID basically wreaked havoc on the sit-down dining industry.

Photo by Michael Foth, Townsquare Media

The Billings HuHot is preparing to reopen the week of September 20th.

I caught up with the restaurant's new manager, Christian Reinker, today (8/24) via phone and he confirmed the rumor that the restaurant is planning to reopen in September. They're shooting for some time the week of September 20th, although there is always a possibility of delays, due to supply chain issues that have become so prevalent in nearly every industry.

Credit: HuHot

Expect a completely remodeled interior.

The parking lot has been empty for months, but in the past few weeks, local contractors have been busy inside. Reinker said the interior has been basically gutted as construction crews have removed walls, flooring, and other elements in preparation for the new look.  Regarding staffing, Rienker is optimistic about filling open positions, adding that they will be offering very competitive wages. Some former employees may also be returning to the restaurant.

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Photo by Michael Foth, Townsquare Media

Free ice cream? Absolutely!

The Missoula-based company opened its first restaurant in 1999 and has grown to dozens of locations spread across 17 states. According to their website HuHot is now "the fastest growing Mongolian grill concept in the United States."

It's easy to eat too much at HuHot, but you'll want to save a little room for dessert when they reopen, as unlimited soft-serve ice cream will be offered. Yum! We're looking forward to rediscovering HuHot.

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