Ladies and gentlemen, please feast your eyes on the latest gadget/doodad/thingamajig that I couldn't live without. It's the "Rotato." It peels potatoes. I know, right?!

My love of gadgets is nothing new. When I was a kid I got Popeil's Pocket Fisherman. It was a little folding fishing rig that had a compartment to keep lures in, and when folded up, it would fit in most toolboxes. As I was looking up the correct spelling of it, I see that there are now many, many options in the folding/collapsible fishing pole market.

I also got my hands on one of those wood-handled brushes with the red velvet to clean my albums. It came with a little brush to clean the big brush after each album cleaning. And the D-1 cleaning solution fits neatly inside the big handle. That gadget actually worked pretty well.

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My "Radio Shack" knockoff off of the Sony Walkman portable cassette player, not so much. It ate a couple of my favorite cassettes and was shoved into a dresser drawer, never to be seen again.

The "Sham WOW!". Nope.

Same with the "Slap Chop."

Now the little GPS tags that you can put on your keys to help find them when they are lost work great.

I've purchased every model of iPhone charger manufactured. Some even worked.

I'm not sure how many cup holders that adjusted, or hooked in an unconventional spot, or held multiple drinks in my cars that I bought. But it was a big number.

So, I'd better get back to my quest for the next great gadget. But it will be hard to beat "Rotato."

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