I must be easily persuaded to buy things that I don't need or don't know how well they work.

Let's start with these little "jobbers" for cleaning glasses. They don't. But I DID get 10 of them for $ 3.99.

Other bad gadgets in my collection include:

  • Sham Wow towels, a one-size-fits-every-size oil filter It fits (but won't grip and turn it if it's too tight)
  • Copper Fit items
  • The Potty Putter that my mom got me for my 50th, (but she bounced back next year with a "Big Mouth Billy Bass")

and my list goes on and on.

Good gadget? California Water Blade is a silicone blade that gets the majority of the water off your vehicle before you take the towels to it. Highly recommended it.

Do you have any I should try?


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