My Addiction to Gadgets
I must be easily persuaded to buy things that I don't need or don't know how well they work.
Let's start with these little "jobbers" for cleaning glasses. They don't. But I DID get 10 of them for $ 3.99.
Other bad gadgets in my collection include:

Sham Wow towels, a one-size-fits-every-size o…
My Gadget Wish List
The internet has made it possible for companies who have interesting gadgets to find you and entice you with their product.
Golf Gadgets
Every time I go golfing, it's a little like moving from one house to another. I grab my clubs, sunscreen, iPod touch (with custom made playlists for that particular round and tailored to the people that I'm golfing with that day), Bluetooth speaker, range finder watch, laser range finder, …