The internet has made it possible for companies who have interesting gadgets to find you and entice you with their product.

I recently bought an Airhawk. It's essentially a "mini" air compressor that you can set the desired tire pressure. When it reaches that pressure, it shuts itself off. And it was only about $20.

Also, I grabbed a battery operated Waterpik Flosser that I use in the shower. It works great. $12.

I like the look of those Rhumba robot vacuum cleaners.

There is a speaker called the VicTsing shower speaker. If you sing in the shower, this thing's mic will pik up your voice and make you sound great. You can also take calls on it.

Do you lose you keys as often as I do? Try the Tile Combo Pack. You get two tiles that attach to your key chain, phone or any item you lose a lot. If you lose your phone, you just press on your other tile and your phone will start ringing. Even if it's on silent.

What other gadgets have you found that are awesome?


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