Check this out. Poverty. As I often tell my daughter, "You have no idea what "poor" feels like.

This registration was on my first car. A 1970 Chevy Impala two-door, 350 V-8, Auto, Tan with a white top. It also had a bench front seat which was a "secret weapon" on dates. But that's a story for another day.

I was getting my plates renewed because I had been pulled over for expired plates. I tried to explain to the officer that they were expired because I didn't have the money. Too bad. Here's your ticket.

So, I go in to get my renewal, not knowing what the cost would be. My total was $15.00. I had $12.00. Fortunately, my best friend's mom worked there and floated me the three bucks so I could be legal.

Some other very impressive financial stats from those days:

  • My 1/2 of the rent: $100.00
  • My car payment: $45.00
  • No cell phones in those days. And we couldn't afford cable TV which was $6.00 at the time.

But being poor at some point in your life sure helps you learn about not being poor again.

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