That may seem like obvious advice but what isn't obvious is that when we see something bad about to happen we usually freeze. Every once in awhile I think about a 92 year-old neighbor of ours named John. He and his wife lived in a rental triplex across the street from us. One day he was getting something out of his garage which had an old heavy door with worn out springs. I was in my driveway playing with our cat when I heard a crack. Apparently his garage door didn't stay up like it was supposed to and fell and hit John's head. The next few moments seemed to play out in slow motion. As I watched John slowly stumbled backwards and fell and hit his hip. The cracking noise that came next has haunted me ever since. Right at that moment I knew that eventually my elderly neighbor would be a goner. John had broken his hip and passed away 3 months later.

Every time the memory of this comes back to me I wonder if I had raced across the street fast enough if I would have been able to catch him before his hip hit the driveway. While it played out in just a couple of seconds, in my mind, it seems like an eternity. Still, could I have at least broken his fall had I acted immediately? I'll never know. I was trying to process the information of what I had just seen and heard while the bigger tragedy was about to happen. It makes me sick every time I think about it. So you if see an old person stumbling please act quickly. You may save a life and you'll never wonder "What If"?

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