I only fly once a year. So I pay the extra to fly first class. And any flight cancellations or delays are just part of my two days of flying. I've spent unexpected nights in cities that hadn't planned on landing in, let alone staying in. But it comes with the territory.

So today I'll give some highlights that I think are useful from Kristie Koerbel, a flight attendant, whose advice went viral on Facebook.

First and foremost, if your destination is less than seven hours, drive and just forget about flying.

Use the app of the airline that you're flying on. That way you can keep track of changes to your flights and what gate your next flight would be leaving from.

If you've got an important event that can't be missed such as a wedding or funeral, leave a couple of days early. With all the cancellations these days, you can never be sure that your flight will arrive on the day it was supposed to.

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And book early flights. Most storms that cause disruption happens in the afternoon. Also if something goes wrong early in the day, you've got more time to fix it.

I didn't know this next one. Being drunk on a plane is actually a federal offense. Look, these flight attendants are doing their best. Drunks being belligerent won't help.

Buy the trip insurance. It was not expensive. And you've never been more likely to miss a flight or two than you are right now.

And don't buy your tickets through third-party websites. When flights are oversold and they have to kick somebody off, those seats get booted first.

That's why we always use Carol from Travel Cafe.

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