Thank goodness for Bike, Walk, Bus Week this week here in Billings. Had it not happened and had I not blogged about it I never would have known that the Downtown Billings Association has a Loan-A-Bike program. Not just any bikes but Cannondale's like the one pictured above.

I have been considering purchasing a bicycle but to get a good one your looking at spending $400-500 at a minimum. Now if we are talking about Cannondale's that number doubles on the low end. So with a photocopy of my I.D. and a copy of my credit card info (for security) I was off with my loaner... which is free by the way. The DBA wants to encourage people to ride downtown, patronize the great shops and eateries and enjoy some fresh air. I'll be doing that this weekend and more. I've heard a lot about the great bike paths up on the rims so I'll be cycling between those and downtown. Hopefully it only rains (I know the farmers need some) before noon and it doesn't start up again until after dark!

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