You may have heard that Sharknado 2: "The Second One" debuted on the SyFy Network to 3.9 Million viewers making it the networks most popular original movie ever. It stars luminaries such as Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) and Tara Reid (American Pie) and has a story line (a water spout sucks sharks out of the Pacific Ocean and deposits them in Los Angeles) roughly in line with the acting skills of it's 2 "stars".

So I figure if this is what passes for entertainment then I could jump into the fray... I've got pens, I've got paper, so here goes: Grizzlyquake! It'll star the marginally gifted Lark Voorhees from "Saved By The Bell" and Max Casella who played Doogie's best friend on "Doogie Howser M.D." Set in the majestic wilderness of the Gallatin River a herd of millions of Grizzly bears who had been living underground (which is why the Department of the Interior had mistakenly thought were dwindling in numbers) escape from a crevasse near Lake Yellowstone after some seismic activity. In their search for food (not enough trout in the Gallatin for all of them) they come barreling down Highway 191 toward Bozeman, mauling everything in their path (not much there so it's only a minor disaster) where they end up at Costco (where they have tons of everything) who just so happens to stock Honey Smoked Salmon. Problem is, none of them have a Costco card so it gets violent.

The end. You're welcome.