If you look at today's headlines you'll notice that Hurricane Iselle is bearing down on the Hawaiian Islands (specifically the Big Island) with Hurricane Julio, taking the same trajectory, right behind it. In the meantime, while waiting to get pummeled by 2 Hurricanes, the fine people of Waimea on the Big Island's eastern shore had their nerves rattled with a 4.5 magnitude earthquake early this morning... usually the disaster domain of our friends in California. Completely unrelated (unless the hurricanes sucks great white's into the sky and deposit them on land as in a real life version of Sharknado) is the fact that "Shark Week" kicks off this Sunday on Animal Planet.

Here's my point... seismic events are rare in Montana (unless the Caldera under Yellowstone blows in which case it'll all be over in a moment anyway), hurricanes are impossible and last I checked there are no sharks in Lake Elmo. Except for the odd cold snap and huge dump of snow, scary natural disasters tend to happen everywhere OTHER than in Montana. Which means we have a 50 yard line seat (via the boob tube) to all the drama the Earth has to offer with almost none of the risk. Now here's hoping I didn't jinx us with that "unless the Caldera under Yellowstone blows" crack (fingers crossed).

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