So there was an article today from the Associated Press that described how the public transit systems in the U.S. are being crushed financially and are struggling to get their riders back.

So the Biden administration is tossing them a $3.7 billion bone. They want a more green-friendly fleet. The grants will go to 35 transit agencies in 18 states.

Wow, that's interesting, I wonder what states are lucky enough to get that perk. The money will be used to prop up their day-to-day operations hurt by lost revenue due to lost ridership.

Another $1.5 billion will be used for low emission buses and new bus facilities.

Well, I'm sold. I wasn't going to ride a bus until I found out they are going to build new bus facilities.

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All union contracts I'm guessing, with union drivers in 18 states.

What a crock.

If you want to do something fair why not eliminate the federal gas tax. That way all Americans can get a benefit out of that $3.7 billion to help with tier transit costs that have taken a hit.

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And why just 18 states? Is that payback for something?

Wouldn't it be nice if all you private business owners out there got something to prop your business up because of lack of customers?

Why can't they boost their fees for riders?

If there are so many people riding then the cost increase could be minimal to make up the revenue. That's the problem, not enough people ride to justify the system.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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