I have a soft spot for elderly people and hope to get to be one someday. By my calculations, I'm just over half way there and I hope to God there is something better waiting for me than this new thing from Hasbro.

The company recently released its new "Joy For All Companion Pet" which they claim not only looks real, but responds to motion via touch and sensors. They had similar things when I was a kid. They were called stuffed animals. Something about this new product seems very sad to me. "Sorry, I don't have time to spend with you, but here's a fake cat."

I pledge to you that in the coming year, I will do SOMETHING for an elderly, lonely, stranger. I don't know what it will be; perhaps an occasional game of checkers and conversation. Maybe a computer lesson to show them how to not feel so isolated. Whatever it is, it will be better than this stupid cat that they seem to be marketing as some technological breakthrough.

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