Something caught my attention right away this morning as I opened up Twitter for the first time today. In my Trending Topics sidebar, the word, "Montana" was listed.

Why was Montana trending? Are people just talking about the wondrous beauty of its mountains? Is it the anniversary of a classic Montana movie? Is it a viral video going around of a United States senator being a jerk in a Montana airport?

That last thought was oddly specific, but turns out, it was right!

Viral Video Surfaces of Ted Cruz Making a Scene at Bozeman Airport

Like most things on the internet, this whole thing started because of reddit.

A user uploaded a video to the r/Bozeman subreddit of what appears to be Texas Senator Ted Cruz at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. The user says that he was "accosting airline employees" after missing his flight, and that "Law enforcement had to be called when he wouldn't calm down."

If you watch the video, it's very difficult to make out what anybody is saying, though Cruz does appear to be frustrated and he is shown talking to a police officer at the end.

The video gained traction online after newscaster Keith Olbermann shared it on Twitter.
(The "It must've been snowing" line is a jab at Cruz for his actions during the devastating winter storm in Texas last year, which left many Texas citizens without power or warmth while he took a trip to Cancun with his family instead.)

Ted Cruz has yet to comment on the video. He has, however, complained about there being a black woman on a Star Trek show, so he's clearly busy with very important work.

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