My high school kid and I frequently joke around about various food truck concepts. The running joke actually began a number of years ago when we said we should open a food truck that specialized in macaroni dishes. We said at the time, "We could call it the Mac Shack!" I'm not even kidding. When the actual Mac Shack opened like a year later in the Billings area, we just looked at each other. We were clearly a little too late for that idea. Now, we've come up with some other food truck ideas that he and I think would be pretty awesome. See if you agree.

Woman with French fries and ketchup at food truck
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The Totcho Truck

Have you ever made nachos with tater tots? Also known as "Totchos"? OMG, they're so good. When I make them at home, they're similar to Taco John's Super Ole's, only way better. I would offer a handful of options at the Totcho Truck, like the Chili Cheese Totcho, Classic Totcho, Brisket Totcho, and Naked Totchos (for those picky eaters).

Getty Stock/ThinkStock/Antonio_Diaz
Getty Stock/ThinkStock/Antonio_Diaz

The Soup Wagon

Whereas most food truck business slows down in the winter, The Soup Wagon would be kicking things into high gear as fall approaches. Who doesn't love a delicious bowl of homemade soup? My Soup Wagon food truck would be loosely modeled on Billings' Soup and Such restaurants. Only no salads. Just soup. For you.

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The Fair Food Express.

Think about it... tons of people say they only go to the fair for the food. I realize we already have a delicious corn dog food truck in Billings, but Fair Food Express would specialize in all the other super unhealthy fair foods you find at the carnival. Think funnel cakes, elephant ears, cheese curds, fried Oreos, etc.

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Photo by Nathalia Segato on Unsplash
Photo by Nathalia Segato on Unsplash

The Fry Guys

Everybody loves french fries and they would be the star of the menu at the Fry Guys food truck. Alternate name: Fry Daddies. Similar to my Totcho Truck concept, customers could order fresh, hand-cut french fries loaded with toppings, or get 'em plain with just salt and a side of ketchup.

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Pasty Patrol

Homemade pasties are delicious. Butte takes ownership of the humble pasty in Montana, and rightfully so. Taste of Montana describes the yummy entree like this,

...this is a simple, delicious, and savory food comprised of half-moon-shaped shells stuffed with meats and vegetables where the whole bundle is then cooked over the fire - the “proper” and the oldest technique of cooking pasties.

Pasties are not that difficult to make and the humble, satisfying, easy-to-eat-while-walking-around pasty seems like a perfect item to serve from a food truck.
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