After reaching out to the Montana Highway Patrol last week, Trooper Lance Hansen was able to provide us with details on the wreck that closed down I-90 next to Billings and rerouted traffic through Downtown Billings.

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According to the MHP, the accident occurred at 3:10 PM on Monday, May 1st at mile marker 451, inside the construction zone on I-90.

The roadway was shut down from exit 450 to 452 until 4:56 PM, rerouting traffic through Billings.

The crash involved one semi, hauling two tankers... one explorer... and two small sedans.

MHP says the Semi was traveling east, and not able to respond to slowing traffic. The semi impacted the right rear of one of the sedans and continued traveling east while braking... impacting another sedan that was positioned in front of the first.

The first sedan was pushed by the semi into the opposite lane of traffic, impacting an explorer traveling west. At this time, the explorer was pushed into the guardrail, flipped, and came to a rest on its roof.

Finally, the semi came to a rest after impacting the guardrail on "roadside left". The second sedan hit came to a stop after impacting the cement barrier in the median.

No Seatbelts, and very lucky occupants

MHP says not everyone in the accident had their seatbelts on, though there were no serious injuries from it. 3 adults, and one infant, were transported by ambulance to a Billings hospital with minor injuries.

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One occupant was thrown from the back seat of a vehicle to the front of the vehicle, due to not wearing their seatbelt.

MHP Reminder

It is imperative that if you are traveling in any construction zone you give enough space between the vehicle you are following to allow you time to be able to respond to the frequent slowing and stopping of traffic. Tailgating and driving in a distracted manner such as using your cell phone are frequent elements of crashes.  It is imperative that you are always wearing your seatbelts and that all children are in proper car seats and following the manufactures requirements of the car seat you are using. All car seats should be restrained properly for the age, and weight of the child.

MHP also stated no press release was provided on this crash, which is cause for concern for us in the media, however, we thank Trooper Hansen and the MHP for providing these details.

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