This morning while the farmer was taking down addresses for folks who were getting qualified to win the Flakes trip, I noticed an abundance of long street names. we had folks on Sailfish, Autumn Springs, and Horse Thief.

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Whoever is in charge of naming streets could you do everybody a favor and make the name of the street one syllable that doesn't need to be spelled every time you give people your address?

My street is named after the developer's daughter, which is great except that I have to spell it out every single time that I give it.

And you poor people that live on streets with long or unusual names know what I'm talking about. "Ya, just send me the bill. I live at 1234 Longest Possible Street Name Avenue. Thank you".

And if you're going to go with a theme for street names, can you at least put them in alphabetical order? Laurel did. If you head East on 6th in Laurel they have tree-themed street names. So you hit Alder, Birch, Cottonwood, and Date in that order. Strong work, Laurel.

The area that hit a home run with road names are the folks out towards Worden. Not alphabetical but numerical. Road one followed by road 2 and so forth. Easy to understand. And you know how close you are to getting to the road you will turn on.

Roads names like Lackawanna and Travertine stand out for being unique. But the poor residents of those places can look forward to years of spelling and respelling for years to come.

Word economy, people. It's a thing.

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