Update 10-17-22: Billings Police Department has released the following statement.

C&O 22-073326 Officer Involved Shooting

Sent by: Lt. Matt Lennick

This release is regarding information for C&O 22-073326 a, Officer involved shooting investigation from October 16, 2022 at 2800 10th Avenue North.

On October 16, 2022 at 5:11PM Billings Police Department Officers responded to a weapons complaint at Billings Clinic Hospital. The complaint stated there was an individual in the emergency department with a “loaded gun” threatening to shoot herself.

Officers responded within minutes and an initial team of four (4) Officers entered the emergency department. As Officers entered the hospital one (1) round was fired from the suspect. Officers made contact with the individual in the triage area of the emergency department and the individual had sustained a single self-inflicted gunshot wound. Upon making contact the individual then picked up the handgun, ignoring commands to stop.

Officer Blaine Lane, a two year veteran of the Billings Police Department fired one (1) round from his handgun striking the individual. Officers were then able to secure the individual and the firearm, and medical care was administered. No Officers or hospital staff were injured.

As is standard practice, and in accordance with the Police Department’s policy, Officer Lane has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is completed. At this time no charges have been filed against the individual, who is only identified as a 36 year old Billings local.


Tonight, Billings Police responded at 5:11 PM to Billings Clinic ER after reports of a suspect with a gun.

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Upon arrival, the suspect shot at Billings Police, which fired back and struck the suspect.

They were taken into custody. No injuries to police or hospital staff occurred, and Billings Clinic is now secured.

As more information is available, this story will be updated.

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