When you ask Jason Aldean to answer lots of questions with what comes to mind first, what you get is a whole lot of honesty. In a recent sit-down with Yahoo Music, Aldean opened up about Justin Bieber -- and what really makes him nervous.

Aldean chatted with Cornelia Row in a rapid-fire format called Hot Country Minute. She started with easy questions like the first album he bought (Alabama's 'Mountain Music') and the best part about being a dad (“No matter what you do, kids still love you to death.”) but it was the not-so-easy questions that made things interesting.

The 'Burnin' It Down' singer plays to sold-out stadium crowds regularly, so you'd think nothing made him nervous. When Rowe asked the most recent time he got nervous, he shared it wasn't about performing at all.

“I’m nervous any time an article comes out about me in the newspaper," he says quickly.

Rowe also asked Aldean about Bieber, who's been in the media a lot lately -- and hardly any of it seems positive. She asked what kind of advice he'd give to the seemingly troubled pop star.

"Not that I need to be giving advice to anybody," he reflects, "but try a little bit to just chill out."

Watch the full interview with Aldean above.

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