Jon Pardi’s ‘Missin’ You Crazy’ lyrics will resonate with anybody who is missing somebody in their life. While the song was originally inspired by an ex-girlfriend, Pardi’s latest single has now taken on a new meaning for the 27-year-old star on the rise, seeing how he is on the road constantly with his red-hot career.

“The song started with the melody,” Pardi tells Taste of Country. “It just kind of happened. I had a girlfriend at the time, and it turned into a missin’ you kind of song.”

Whoa oh oh, baby all I think about / Whoa oh oh, is what we could be doin’ now / Whoa oh oh, baby / Here I go again / Missin’ you crazy,” he wrote with Bart Butler and Monty Holmes in the chorus of the song.

“Now it comes to the point with the guys on the road, we all miss home and miss somebody,” the singer continues.

Sittin’ here listenin’, to your sweet voice / Talking on the telephone / It’s making me realize, I ain’t got no choice between stayin’ here and gettin’ gone / I’m gonna say good-bye / Yeah I’m gonna fly / Get these arms of mine back where they belong,” they wrote in the ‘Missin’ You Crazy’ opening lyrics.

“Everybody connected to it because we’re always gone,” Pardi says of his Top 40 hit and first single on Capitol Nashville. “It’s a good missin’ somebody song.”

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