Have you ever been feeling down and felt old and then you look at something that a friend gave you and it makes you laugh and then your whole mood changes for the better?  Well I have been feeling a little blue these last couple of days and then I looked at my bulletin board at work, and saw a comic strip that my dear friend Mark Wilson had given me many years ago.

Tundra Comics 2007
Tundra Comics 2007


I'll bet it's been 25 years that I've had this comic strip and I always take it with me and put it up in either my studio or in this case at my desk.

It just makes me laugh and I feel better.

There's no reason why it's so funny, it just is to me.

This little comic strip has been in three different radio properties in Billings, a TV Station and made the trip to Owatonna, Minnesota and back.

This is silly, but this is one of my most prized possessions.

What do you do or look at to help you get over the blues?

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