Levi Hummon was born to one part country music royalty and one part community leader and do-gooder -- and he sees the influence of both of his parents on his career.

As the son of famed songwriter Marcus Hummon -- whose numerous songwriting credits include Rascal Flatts' "Bless the Broken Road," the Dixie Chicks' "Cowboy Take Me Away" and Sara Evans' "Born to Fly," among others -- Hummon grew up surrounded by and exposed to some of the biggest hitmakers in music, which helped pave his way into the genre.

"I grew up with my dad, in the living room, and Dixie Chicks and Rascal Flatts and random, amazing bands writing iconic songs for country music," Hummon tells The Boot. "Creatively, for me, that osmosis -- 18 years later, I am experiencing all the effects that had on me growing up. Being part of those melodies and hearing those lyrics be created -- I think only in Nashville could that have ever happened."

His father's success instilled in Hummon early on a desire to be the best that he could be.

"When I went to the Grammys with my father -- that’s where I want[ed] to be," Hummon remembers. "I don’t see myself wanting anything else."

However, Hummon was equally influenced by his mother, Rev. Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest and chaplain known for her altruistic work in and around Nashville.

"I grew up in a really strong community, where I sang at church, etc. At the same time, I watched [my mom] create a thing called Magdalene and a thing called Thistle Farms," Hummon shares. "She created Magdalene, which is a two-year residential program for women with a history of drug abuse and prostitution. And then Thistle Farms is a place where these women find refuge and work and make beautiful essential oils and candles and stuff like that. I grew up basically watching that be created and watching that come into fruition."

Born and raised in Nashville, Hummon says that Music City is the only place he will ever call home.

"Everybody’s fighting for the same thing, and everybody’s supporting one another, too. It’s an amazing thing," he reflects. "You have the most talented people here; you have the most talented writers. Being part of the Nashville community in general, it’s a creative super-center. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of."

Hummon recently released a self-titled EP and is working on a full-length album. The Levi Hummon EP is available for download on iTunes.

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