When it comes to grocery stores I've always been a fan of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's...neither of which we have in Billings. Hailing originally from Southern California, when I heard Lucky's was coming to Billings, it didn't exactly excite me. What I didn't realize is that Lucky's Market and Lucky's from So. Cal. are two different chains.

The new Lucky's here in Billings on Grand Ave is like a smaller Whole Foods. Featuring healthier brands, organic fruits and vegetables, a wide variety of international foods and a full service deli and bakery. I purchased some Tikka Masala sauce so guess what's for dinner tonight!

They also have a 4 rows of bulk foods with everything from granola to candy to grains and dried fruit. Looking for hard to find spices? They most likely have that too, along with a wide variety of prepared vegetarian dishes, not easy to find in a state where grass fed beef is king. Plus they have many items you won't find at regular grocery stores such as the roasted green chile hummus pictured above.

While Lucky's headquarters is based in Denver they try very hard to reflect the local community by including local brands like Bozone Beer for instance. I rarely get worked up about grocery stores but it even smells nice in there, nicer than your average grocery store. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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