I like thousands of others went to the Luke Bryan concert last night at MetraPark.  Overall I give the concert a thumbs up.

As I looked through social media today I ran across a post about the show.

The person complained about the speaker that sounded like it was blown.

Yes there was an issue with a speaker, no it didn't ruin every song

As I read the thread, it seems that the person who started the thread blames MetraPark for the sound, and feels that every show at the Metra sounds crappy.

Here's a novel idea, then don't go to any shows there, things happen.

I had an issue with our seats, who knew (until now) that there is no seat one in section 30 in the upper area (or at least not in row F & G).

What did I do to resolve this problem, take to social media and complain, no, like the adult I am, I took it to the MetraPark staff and had it resolved without any issues.

Easy as that.

Before we take to social media and bitch and complain, let's all handle it like grown ups and talk to someone who can handle the problem not get feedback from everyone with an axe to grind.


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