The BBQ's in Billings are set to get fired up. Spring is here, it's getting warmer and the grill is getting even hotter. This is my type of fun. Burgers, dogs, steaks or ribs. We love them all.

There is one problem though. Side dishes.

My wife and I seem to battle this subject every year and every year the argument seems to get more intense.

I am a HUGE fan of potato salad. My mom used to make a killer batch when I was growing up. I was an instant fan and have been ever since. Today, my wife makes a batch in which I can make a meal of in itself. I love it.

Even though she makes such a good potato salad, she would rather have a macaroni salad. I can't stand that stuff. The taste and texture just don't do it for me. I simply find it to be gross.

We try to have a common ground and have both available to whoever wants one, the other or both. However this comes with the price of smack talk from the opposing salad partaker.

So what is it for you? Do you prefer potato salad or macaroni salad?

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