We had a caller this morning who asked us if we knew what was with all of the new medical marijuana buildings going up in the area. I had no idea, so I googled it and got some answers.

Apparently, on April 21 our governor issued a directive that allows telemedicine for all medical marijuana recommendations done by licensed Montana physicians.

Then on June 18 he issued another directive that allows for curbside delivery during the pandemic. Some people call Domino's. Now others can call Willy and he'll be over to your address "sometime this afternoon, man. I gotta drop my mom off at her job so I can use the car."

I'm not a pot smoker but I know quite a few people who like to light up and mellow out. As far as I know, they've never had any problem getting as much product as they needed. These are the people who run out of toilet paper, but never marijuana.

Then, we might see some pot businesses team up under one roof. Walmart has Subway stores in many of their locations. Pot joints (pun intended) could team up with restauranteurs who sell burritos, buckets of chicken, and burritos, man. I'm just trying to wrap my head around possibly legalizing marijuana this November.

I'm against that. I don't care to "think about the potential tax revenue, man."

I've seen the degradation in Denver since they legalized it there some years ago. Now rumor has it that people fly in to Colorado like they do to Las Vegas for big weed parties. Good for them.

So, I would look for many more of these legal pot shops to start popping up all over our state. And I'm not a fan.

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