I hope you folks appreciate the research that goes into my post each day. Sit back and prepare to be impressed with my crazy koozie knowledge.

I should start by telling you that I might have can koozie issues. I've bought thousands of them. I own slide on, zip up, cinch with a string, and metal can (and bottle) koozies. I have koozies in my golf bag, in the pockets of my coolers that have pockets, in every vehicle, in my garage, in my basement, one by my riding mower with the cup holder, in the control room here at work, and a big freakin drawer full of them in my kitchen.

Obviously beverage temperature is important to me.

According to Wikipedia, "The name 'Koozie' is a genericized trademark, originally coined by the Radio Cap Corporation (RCC) as the KOOZIE" in 1980.

In addition to reducing the rate that a drink warms in the sun by up to 50%, Wikipedia says, they also help with distinguishing one person's beverage from others.

They are a great promotional item for companies. I probably have all of the hats that I'll ever wear. Same with t-shirts. But keep them koozies coming because I lose them like it's my job to do so.

I've got Koozies that are from First Interstate Bank, Tiny's Tavern, and one from some guys 60th birthday that I found at the golf course that features some funny obscenities,

Altana Federal Credit Union gave out some koozies a few years ago that had metal in them and rather than pushing the can into it, you just slapped it against the can or bottle and it would wrap itself around it.

So, obviously I'm a fan. And if I ever run for office my slogan will be "A Koozie in every hand."

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