In the words of Maury Povich, "You are ...a newspaper owner in Montana."

I guess everyone wants a piece on Montana. If you have ever looked at it, there are a lot of celebrities that are either from here, live here or own something here.

Maury Povich falls into the category of owning something here.

He and wife Connie Chung apparently have owned a house in Northwestern Montana for years. About 10 years ago Maury decided he wanted to buy a local newspaper that serves the town of Kalispell in Flathead County.

Why would this TV personality want to buy a newspaper here? It's the way he grew up.

His father was a well-known contributor to the Washington Post for many years. He was raised in that life. After visiting his vacation home, he made the decision that he wanted to purchase the local weekly paper and the rest is history.

He said in an interview with CNN Money that after nine years they are finally almost breaking even with the Flathead Beacon.

So as you can see, Maury Povich isn't just delivering bad news to dead-beat dads, he is also delivering the local Sunday paper...right here in Montana.

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