One of the great things about advances in technology here at the radio station is the advances in technology.(Some of them, anyway. The new on-air computer will ultimately be the end of my time here)

I'm talking about how folks can message me while we're talking on the air. So, if there is a question we can't come up with the answer for, somebody out there listening generally know it and messages me.  To do this, you can download the Cat Country 102.9 app from your phone's app store.  It is free. You can also use the Cat Country Facebook Page.

I got a message yesterday from a lady who told me that she sure missed our Golden Oldies Hour. Me too.

It was an hour completely different than anything else. We would play anything listeners requested. Which, of course, drove our "higher-ups" crazy. "You can't run a radio station like that. The idea that you let LISTENERS pick the music is absurd."

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But it worked and did for a lot of years.

Most people have a connection to songs. They remember what song was playing on the radio when the call came about a loved one passing. The first song that a couple danced to. And other strong connections like that.

Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

If we didn't have the songs on the computer, I'd buy CDs of the songs that people had been requesting. (Many from local record stores) We can't get parts for our CD players anymore. The company that owns us prefers that we don't do it. So, we moved on.

If there is ever a song that you want to request, get up early. We still play some of the good stuff between 5 and 5:20.

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