Country newcomer Michael Dean Church shows talent with his new single ‘That’s How We Roll,’ a song that needs a more experienced hand to take it past average. Vocally the Rome, Ga. raised singer is sound, but his voice buries some of the most enjoyable parts of this country rocker.

An early guitar riff runs a thread from start to finish, but the organ is overshadowed as soon as Church begins singing. “That’s how we roll, roll, roll, how we live it / We don’t know, know, know any different / Yeah we sure, sure, love every minute / Come get a little on ya,” he sings during the chorus. “Yeah we love this life we’ve been given / Couldn’t buy me out for a million / Let’s crank it on up, keep it kickin’ / Yeah that’s how we roll.” The production lacks balance.

Lyrically, there are just too many words stuffed into too little of a space “Ice down a cooler, throw in some longnecks / We’ll pile in the back of a truck bed / Start up a fire and burn down the sunset / Hollar if you hear me,” he sings to begin the second verse. ‘That’s How We Roll’ is a fun song, but exhausting to keep up with.

A more experienced hand would be able to round out some of the track’s rough parts, and likely advise against the “roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll” sequence that ends the song. Making a hit song is an exercise in teamwork. Church needs a better team.

2 Stars

Listen to Michael Dean Church, ‘That’s How We Roll’

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