It has been a really tough week for all of us with the US surrender to the Taliban on Monday. We left all of those people who were loyal to our country behind. They left all of those service dogs behind too, but fortunately, a rescue party was able to get them out.

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I saw the post this week of a Billings Police officer holding his service dog as he faded away after a battle with cancer. The dog was loving, devoted, and loyal to the very end. It broke my heart because dogs give you their unconditional love no matter what. The love that animals in particular dogs can bring out of a person is remarkable. So how could we leave them behind?

Imagine what those people thought when they looked up and saw the people that they cared enough about to risk their lives for, left them, and took off for America. Try to figure out why. I thought they cared, why would they leave us. Only the Biden administration knows.

This weekend, think about them. Also, think about what your kids may think when you don't include them in things that you could. Or think of your dog when you ignore him or forget to feed him or rub his ears. All they have done is loved you and waited for you for any attention you can give and are so grateful when you do. It won't be long till they're gone, then you'll realize how I wish I would have given them more time. That's all they wanted. Have a great weekend with your family and dog this weekend. It's going to be a hell of a lot better than the people we left behind in Afghanistan will have.

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