I've got some checklists before and during the time our family spends at the fair every year.

Before we go, I make sure that any and all kids in our group are wearing some sort of tennis shoe. No flip flops or moccasins. There's more walking than you think. Package of wipes. Check. Hand sanitizer. Check. Enough cash for rides and food. Check

Once we arrive at the fair. My check list is less preparatory and more amusement based.

Find a carnival worker who's trying to get you to play his game who is actually more entertaining than frightening. Check.

Locate the other parents who are trying to get done with the ride prtion of their day and go see anything in the air conditioning. Check.

Then. Viking. (With Mustard) Check. Corn on the cob. Check. Biggest lemonade available on the midway. Check. Another corn. Check. Then it's either a Teriyaki bowl or some BBQ. Check. Corn corn. Check check.

Looking forward to it!