Do you live in Montana and have a dream of opening up a small business? Well hey, it looks like you're in the right place. KPAX reports that a new study from The Blueprint shows off that Montana is the absolute number one state to start a small business in the entire country.

The study looked at a variety of different factors, including the state's tax climate, consumer spending in each state, the rate of new entrepreneurs, the survival rate of businesses, labor costs, and climate. Montana had a total score of 7.39, the highest out of any state. Following Montana to round out the top 5 were South Dakota, Florida, Texas, and Idaho.

It looks like the biggest point in Montana's favor was its business survival rate, with over half of new businesses surviving over their first five years. Finally, I've got the data to back up my lifelong dream: a downtown Missoula business that sells nothing but cuckoo clocks and sandwiches! I call it: The Cuckoo Clocks and Sandwiches Shop. Catchy, right?

Alright, maybe that one won't catch on - but if you've got a good idea for a business and you really believe in it, this should definitely be encouraging info. Of course, everything's tricky with the pandemic, but I'm guessing that once it's all over, there will likely be a lot of opportunities out there for those who want to take advantage of them.

Are you ready to get your own small business going? Would you like to be an investor in the Cuckoo Clocks and Sandwiches Shop?

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