There is something about a good sandwich. It's American and it brings a lot together in my opinion.

One of my wife and I's favorite sandwich shops is Blimpie.

There is just something about the way they make a sandwich that sings to my taste buds. Throughout my wife's pregnancies this is what she craved. If it wasn't Blimpie it wasn't worth bringing home to her. lol!

When we moved to Billings it was a great sight to see the Blimpie inside the Exxon gas station at 2347 Main St.

We missed it being open several times and tried to see if there was another somewhere in town but there wasn't.

We finally got a sandwich a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome as usual.

In talking with the lady that was making the sandwiches, so proceeded to tell me about how that Blimpie was the only one left in Montana. She said there used to be others but they had closed down, leaving this to be the only one left in the state.

I find this to be unfortunate. I really like them and the time that we spent there we noticed a lot of people that came in an ordered.

I can tell you if there were more I would being eating there more.