Taking a weekend with a ton of soda and chips while binge watching our favorite show seems to be a pretty normal thing from time to time. I mean, who has the patience to wait until next week to catch the next episode right? It almost seems better to wait until the season is over and then watch the whole thing without skipping a beat.

When it come to Netflix...they seem pretty tight lipped about revealing their streaming data unless they are calling out users on Twitter.

According to HighSpeedInternet, streaming entertainment on Netflix continues to soar in popularity. According to 2017 Netflix data reported on numerous websites, Netflix users streamed a total of one billion hours of programming per week!

So what is Montana watching? How about Orange Is The New Black...and we're not alone either. A total of 15 states across this great nation of ours put that show at the top of the list.

Do you watch this show? What others are your favorites to binge watch?


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