I just love Saturday morning!  It's a chance to go downtown, (I'm absolutely in love with Skypoint.  What a glorious piece of art.) see some friends and neighbors, and get the freshest produce you could possibly get from our neighbors!

There's always such an incredible selection of fresh produce, meats and gorgeous flowers and herbs.  Last week, there was even some delicious home-made jams and jellies!  And of course, delicious foods and drinks to stroll through the market with.

Be sure and stop by Donna Miller's booth, directly in the center of the market under Skypoint, and register for some great prizes.  If you're lucky, sometimes Donna has things to hand out without even registering!

The alarm sounds at 8 A.M. sharp, and the market lasts until noon.  The season is nearing it's end, so if you haven't been down yet, get your bad self in gear!  You'll be glad you did!

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