I got a lot of comments here recently when I asked about your favorite pizza. Growing up in Great Falls, mine was Howard's. They have four locations in town and the one closest to the hotel where I would stay when visiting was the Classic 50's.

When you walk in one door there's a white 50's Corvette. I'd say it's a 1956 or 1957. My dad would know. That was our "go-to" dining spot when he was still alive. In fact, we had Howards Pizza for dinner Christmas eve, and the vote was unanimous.

They closed the restaurant for good yesterday.

According to KRTV, in their Facebook post, they said that they are redrawing their delivery areas and in some cases, this will mean longer delivery times.

I didn't realize that they had been open for 18 years. It was the last place that I shared a pizza with my sister, brother in law and dad before they passed on.

So, my fellow GFers (Great Falls folk), we lost a little piece of dining bliss. If you're headed up there anytime soon, a sausage & mushroom "half bake" would be greatly appreciated.

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