I saw on Facebook this morning that Sam & Louie's Pizza is closing on March 14th. They are willing to sell it to somebody, but either way, they're done.

I'm a Google Man. So I googled pizza places in Billings and I still don't have an exact number of places that serve pizza. But I looked at the top 30 pizza restaurants; I had eaten at 27 of those places.

A few pizza questions for everybody.

  1. What's your "go-to" pizza?
  2. When making your dinner decision, which is more of a factor, It's your favorite pizza place? Your favorite pizza? Or, it's just the pizza place you live closest to?

For me, when it comes to pizza, there are no bad pizza places. I like different places for different types of pizza.

Taco pizza at Godfathers (order the thin crust and get the sour cream on it). Sam & Louies has sausage I like. Tarantinos is New York style and quite good. I could say good things about everybody's pizza in Billings.

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