OK, you have to use your imagination here. But, IF we had computers we could use to blog on back in the 70's, and IF I can recall what was important to "4th Grade Mark", then, it would've sounded like this.

"I ran full speed out the door when they let us out of school today and I was the first one to get to where the parents park. I hopped into my moms 72 VW Bug and we got to go to Tasty Freeze, which was close to our house.

I'm looking forward to riding my bike every day this summer. And I might even ride all the way to the mall, but don't tell my folks. And as long as I get back home before the street lights come on, I'll be fine.

One girl in my class, Michele Poulsen, sure is nice. If I had some money, I'd buy her some ice cream.

The swimming pool opens next week and that costs 25 cents. And my mom bought the movie tickets package so I can go to a movie every week this summer and that cost $2.50.

School doesn't start again forever, and next year I've got Mrs. Conroy for my teacher. Life is good.


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