We had some calls this morning from parents wondering if school was canceled. We asked why. The response was "It's so cold outside". The fact is they usually don't cancel unless the snow is really deep or it gets so cold that the buses won't run. Usually, the threshold is about 25 to 30 below for that. It's funny that here in the North we only have one built-in snow day. After that, if they would miss a day they could have students attend on April 10th which is an already planned day off, so no days would have to be made up.

The district has to make sure that the students get all the required hours and days in before they can move on to the next level. After thinking about that, it's sad that we don't have any academic standards or proficiency levels that have to be reached. Just hours and days then you can move on. Are you ready for the real world and everything it is going to throw at you?

I know I talk about it all the time but we are really doing our society a disservice by putting kids out there without the skills they should have. Basic math, able to read at least at a high school level and comprehend what they read. Basic skills that everyone needs to be productive. I've always thought about how hard the kids will try and what their study habits will be if they know they will be moved through the system regardless. Believe me, they know...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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