I love my mom. As she's said to me in the past... "I love you son, you're always there when you need me". Thanks, I think :-( I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what to buy her for Mothers Day but she always seem to know what to get me. If you've listened to my show you know that I moved to Billings back in November to work here at Cat Country 102.9. My 12 year-old daughter is still in school though so she and my wife decided to stay in California until my daughter graduates. The upshot of the whole thing is that I've been on my own for several months now and will be until at least July. So my mom, knowing that I've been eating waaay too many hot dogs and mac n cheese for dinner bought me a panini maker. The package was left at my door by UPS on Wednesday. If you don't have one it helps you turn an everyday, garden variety sandwich into a wonderful hot meal.

Now the pressure is on to get her something really cool for Mothers Day. I wish I was a Cat Country listener because then I would try to win Mom's Great Escape. But you could win a great Mom's day package that includes a $50 gift card to Fancy Sushi, new jeans from Shipton's Big R and a nights stay at the ultra-swanky, 4-star Northern Hotel... the new crown jewel in downtown Billings. For your chance to win just logon to www.catcountry1029.com and upload a pic of you and your mom and write a couple of lines telling us why your mom is the greatest!

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