Happy Birthday To A Mom Of Many
As an only child, I am technically the only person that can call Shirley my mother. But having taught grade school for more than 40 years, giving nearly all of her free time to charity, and being the oldest of 17 siblings, there are way more people who call her "mom" than I'll ever know.
What I NEED To Do Vs. What I’m GOING To Do
Being a homeowner with a good sized yard and a lot of things to change oil in, I've got quite a list of things that need to be done. I need to change oil in a couple of vehicles. I need to go thru and get the landscaping cleaned up. I need to mow...
Happy Mothers’ Day
There is no more important time in a child's life than when they are young and developing into that person we all hope they will become. It's a special time and job that only a mother can do better than anyone. Thanks to all the moms out there who have given so much to others and have made sacrifices for the benefit of their children...
Jake's Mom: "Get A Haircut".
Jake Owen made a big change recently, cutting his famously long locks in exchange for a slicked-back, shorter 'do. He says it was a little nagging from his mom that helped him decide to go all in and give himself a brand new look.
CBS Gives Full Seasons to ‘The Crazy Ones,’ ‘Mom’ and ‘The Millers’
After suffering a humiliating defeat with freshman comedy 'We Are Men,' CBS has taken a big leap forward with its other fall 2013 efforts. The network has given full-season orders to the Robin Williams- and Sarah Michelle Gellar-starring 'The Crazy Ones,' as well as Anna Faris-Chuck Lorre comedy 'Mom,' and the oft-maligned Will Arnett vehicle 'The Millers,' each of which rank as the most-watched n
Chuck Lorre’s ‘Mom’ Adds Justin Long and Octavia Spencer
CBS sitcom magnate Chuck Lorre may be on his fourth airing show for the network with the debut of upcoming Anna Faris sitcom 'Mom,' but that hasn't stopped the freshman comedy from flexing its muscles with casting just yet. Erstwhile 'New Girl' guest and rom-com staple Justin Long has joined the cast, along with 'The Help' Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer, but who might the duo portray?
CBS Fall 2013: First Posters for ‘Mom,’ ‘The Millers,’ ‘The Crazy Ones’ and ‘We Are Men’
With all the insanity of Comic-Con 2013 behind us, and the rapid-fire storm of the TCA press tour underway, CBS has turned its attention toward previewing its original fall comedies with glossy brand-new posters. The four one-sheets feature Chuck Lorre's 'Mom,' Will Arnett vehicle 'The Millers,' as well as the Robin Williams/Sarah Michelle Gellar comedy 'The Crazy Ones,' and male ensemble 'We Are

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