To celebrate Mother's Day weekend, I decided to let my Mom pick the Favorite Friday Song of the Week!  Do you know what she picked?  It's one of my own personal favorites from the "King of Country", George Strait!

First off though. I love you Mom!  For my entire life you've been there for me.  You've loved me when I didn't deserve it.  You watched over me when I needed it(and when I didn't, lol). You are a wonderful Mom and I thank God everyday that he gave me you as my mother.   I hope you know how much I love you!  Happy Mother's Day!

Now onto the song pick!  My Mom loves George Strait.  I mean, loves, loves him.  So when I asked her for her choice this week, there was no doubt who she would go with.  I love him too, so it's a win-win for both of us.  Which song is it?  George Strait's "I Cross My Heart" from his album "Pure Country".

"I Cross My Heart" is the title of a song written by Steve Dorff and Eric Kaz, and recorded by American country music artist George Strait. It was released in September 1992 as the lead-off single to his album Pure Country, which is also the soundtrack to the movie of the same title. It reached number-one in both the United States and Canada. The song is featured as the movie's finale.


Do you remember when the movie "Pure Country" came out? I do.  I watched it with my best friend and a boy that I liked at the time at the movie theater.  I think I fell in love that day...with George Strait.  The boy never had chance once he was on the big screen!

Well, do you love it? Hate it? Comment and let me  know!

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