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One of the advantages of living near 24th Street West is being close to so many things, however, the downfall is the constant traffic (you know the ones that have to rev their engines and go as fast as they can between lights) and the constant garbage that I find on my front lawn and in my driveway by the sidewalk. I try to go for a walk a few nights a week, and for some reason, this last time, I started to take notice of all of the trash laying around on 24th Street West.  My walk usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour. I try to log anywhere from three to five miles each time. I am trying to get healthier and keep my weight down. I mean, I did invest in losing almost 60 pounds with the help of Billings Last Diet. So, I've decided that I will do this for me. Not only that, going for long walks by myself helps me clear my mind and gives me a little just-me time.

When I set out for my walk the other night, I waited until it cooled down a bit (it was only 80 degrees at 9:15 pm instead of  86 degrees like it was earlier in the day). As I was walking, I took note of the following items laying on the street/sidewalk along 24th Street West.

Have you noticed the amount of trash that people just toss out randomly and what are the weirdest things you've seen?

  • 1


    You know, I always carry my toothbrush with me while I'm driving down the road. You just never know when you're going to need that minty fresh breath.

  • 2

    T-shirt & Underwear

    I can only assume it was one hell of a time if you lost both your shirt and your skivvies. They looked a little like men's, but I didn't stop to investigate. 

  • 3

    A Black Bunny

    It was just hanging out under a tree chewing on grass Thankfully, it was alive.

  • 4

    A Condom Wrapper

    I know, what the hell, right? But I was not going to break my stride to check it out. 

  • 5

    Plastic Water Bottles

    So many water bottles. I bet I saw almost a dozen, some still full, but most just thrown by the wayside to be run over.

  • 6

    Disposable Face Mask

    To my ultimate surprise, I only saw one disposable face mask on the sidewalk. I thought I'd see more, but hey it's just that much less trash, right?

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