Paul and I were visiting at 5:30 this morning and he asked me if I had a "Top 10" list of the concerts I'd seen.

Everybody's list is going to be different. We like concerts for different tastes in music or even who you were with at that show.

I do, however, have a clear number one. Paul McCartney outdoors in Missoula in August of 2014. Love his music and I've been listening to his songs since I knew what a radio was.

It was an 80 degree summer night. I had great seats, right next to where Sir Paul's wife was standing.

Some others that standout were:

  • the Carpenters at the state fair in Great Falls in 1971 when Karen Carpenter winked at me.
  • Also, Glen Campbell in Great Falls about the same time. It was an outdoor show and it had started raining. He came out with a piece of plastic and put it over his guitar and kept playing.
  • Then, years later, Glen Campbell again, but this time at Alberta Bair Theatre with my dad sitting next to me.
  • Neil Diamond at Metra with both my mom and my sister. My sister and I howled over how crazy mom went over Mr. Diamond.
  • Sheryl Crow last summer at the Alehouse Amphitheatre in Bonner.
  • Back in the early nineties, when we got two shows per night from the fair entertainment: Brooks & Dunn, Faith Hill, and Alabama.
  • America with the Great Falls Symphony was a great show.
  • Steely Dan at Red Rocks.
  • Journey at The Gorge At George.
  • Michael Martin Murphy in a field up by Roscoe.
  • Both Eagles shows in Billings.
  • Elton John here and Bozeman.
  • Heck, even Bob Seger last week was awesome.

See, I can't give an actual top 10.


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