Today is the anniversary of Thelma Houston's disco smash "Don't Leave Me This Way." I played my top five disco songs and was amazed to learn that not everybody categorizes and/or ranks their music!

My iPod categories include Disco, Hag-Just Hag, Steely Dan, Doobies, Sir Paul, Don Williams, Mood 1, Mood 2, and the extremely effective Mood 3.

Do you categorize your music, or is everybody else's music just set on "Random"?

In case you were wondering, here are my top 5 Disco songs:

5) "More, More, More"  Andrea True Connection

4) "Turn The Beat Around"  Vicki Sue Robinson

3) "Boogie, Oogie, Oogie"  A Taste Of Honey

2)  "Last Dance" Donna Summer

1) "Don't Leave Me This Way" Thelma Houston

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