Multiple Billings news outlets have reported that Billings is getting a new indoor football team... once again. Sports guy Scott Breen at KTVQ provided the latest update on Friday (4/30) regarding the yet-to-be-named franchise, noting that the working title of the future team is Billings Pro Football.

The new Billings team, part of the Champion Indoor Football league, is expected to begin their 12 game season in March 2022. Owners of the team are currently hosting a naming contest, found here on the official website. They say,

We want the good people of the Billings area to submit their suggestions on what the team name should be! Get creative!  Think about the theme of the team, logo, colors...all of your input is welcome and we believe that there are no bad suggestions! The voting round will begin on May 11th...stay tuned for details! 

We thought it would be fun to come up with some unlikely suggestions that could reflect the Billings area.

Credit: microgen

The Billings Surgeons

Billings is the leader in Montana when it comes to medical services, so why not reflect that with our new football team? Their jerseys could be the color of scrubs. The PA announcer could shout fun things like, "another touchdown needed for the Surgeons STAT!".

Getty Images/Karen Ducey / Stringer

The Billings Rangers

Billings is "Montana's Trailhead" so a logical name match for the team name could be The Rangers. Team colors would be subdued earth-tones and instead of helmets they could wear those cool Smokey Bear hats.

Getty Images/David McNew

The Billings Refiners

Reflecting another large employer in the area, The Refiners are rough and rugged, ready to light the field on fire with petroleum-fueled rage. Team uniforms would resemble grey coveralls and turn-overs on the field would be renamed turn-arounds.

Getty Stock/ThinkStock/Sascha Burkard

The Billings Cattlemen

Ag remains one of the biggest economic contributors in Montana. Since CMR High School in Great Falls already claims the Rustler name, we could settle for the Cattlemen. Uniforms would be decidedly western and all players would have to wear plaid handkerchiefs around their necks.

Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media

The Billings 'Stones

A nod to the mighty Yellowstone River, Yellowstone Park (and the Rolling Stones??) the Billings 'Stones has a nice ring to it. The team logo would have to include a big fish latched onto the end of a bent-in-half fishing rod.

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Whatever the name of the team becomes, we're excited to see arena football return to First Interstate Arena.

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