I've mentioned a few times that while I did spend a couple years as a kid growing up in Montana that I moved here from California to work for Cat Country a couple of years ago. One of the things I miss about living in Fresno is all of the friends I made due to having a sustained Saturday flag football game going since 1998. As a 50 year old man I'm sure you can appreciate how hard it is to get all your friends together for any activity on a particular weekend never mind a weekly football game. It's pretty special and I've made a bunch of friends because of it.

One of those friends is Taylor Genuser. When he first started showing up to our games he was fresh out of high school with a rocket arm, a ton of energy but not much understanding of defenses or how to attack them. He got by on athletic ability alone. Over the years our flag football game morphed from a bunch of older guys with limited talent (which is being generous) to attracting a lot of young men who had been stars in high school and many have junior college and college experience... a few have even had NFL tryouts. Over the next couple of years Taylor, playing with a much higher level of player than he had in high school, developed his play calling skills and ability to recognize what defense were trying to do to him.

Since then he went on to play college ball for New Mexico Highlands University (NCAA Division II) and semi-pro ball for the Erie Explosion in Pennsylvania and now he's one of the first 6 players to be signed by the Billings Wolves. I've followed his career and been very excited for him but now I'll get to watch him play in person!

Now the Wolves have the fiery field general they'll need to be a force... but he's already bugging me to put him on the air, lol.

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