In the skit, "Daily Show" regular contributor Jason Jones sat down with 4 Washington Redskins fans who want the team to keep using the name that many in the Native American community feel is racist. During the segment Jones brought Missoula's Migizi Pensoneau into the room along with 7 other Native Americans. During the clash at least one Native American said she felt 'defamed' while another called the meeting "intense but not mean-spirited".

The next day Jones took the Native Americans to Fedex Field to mingle with Washington fans before a game. Apparently that didn't go so well either. As a joke (because turnabout is fair play) Pensoneau wore a T-Shirt that said "Caucasians". Apparently some Redskins fans (using the term loosely) weren't amused. One fan blew cigar smoke in Pensoneau's face, another told him "get the bleep out" while another mocked the group yelling "thanks for letting us use your name".

Tomorrow at Missoula's Roxy Theater, Pensoneau will screen videos from his sketch comedy group the 1491's. Afterward he'll take Q&A which will almost certainly circle back to his experience on the Daily Show. Should be interesting.

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